Im happy to announce that I'm a published author. I am a man who had to fight for everything and fucked up or trew away everything so that I've accomplished this is something what I thought would never be possible! Only there's one thing and that thing is that I just can't put my published or about to be published books online for free anymore! I hope you can understand that! And well let's get all books published right?!?

I hate money or the idea of having money but hell there has to be money right? Without money there's no food! Without money you can't do shit in life cause life is all about money. Nothing more and nothing less, just a piece of paper with a number.. little monopoly money goes a long way in your life! That's the main core in life making money for the king queen emperor or president.. Oh right and that fucking IRS that takes all your fucking pay! Come on 40% of my bricklayers pay is going to the fucking IRS and people call me crazy.....

Right!?! By the way do you hear them scratching and shouting too?!

But I'm getting a bit off topic so I'm a published author yay!!

And people who know me they know that I don't really give a damn about it but this publisher is really something unique and if you are a writer too give them a chance cause believe me they will repay that favor..