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I write Psychological Horror books. And Horror/Fantasy books. Well, anything horror-related even horror children's books... Or something like that, you know? Best way to describe my primary road builder job is playing with lego but then in a much and much more adult way! But on the other hand stepping on this lego bricks doesn't hurt as much as those sharp tiny things... My first 5 books Onbekende Neigingen or Unknown Tendencies are written, my second book Moord Neigingen or Homicidal tendencies are finished while I'm thinking of part three already! I've finished In Liefde or for the English among us In Love and they are all available on my site. In liefde is rejected by the Dutch publishers, while In Love is published! And well Stormie is a purely 18+ horror ride to hell, while the horror chilren read aloud book and all my other 5 free children´s books so far (free to download at my website the boogeyman beater club or here) Are books to help the youngest children who are haunted by nightmares sleep!

Some information about the boogeyman beater club!!

 The boogeyman beater club!
The boogeyman beater club Is something completely different for we create totally personalized childrens books!
That means you can let us write a book with:
1. your own cover
2. your own title
3. your own story
Everything is custimizable for each and every child for 5 euros only if you want a digital version!

Support the boogeyman beater club by buying the free children books on amazon! We don ´t create books for money but it would be highly appreciated if you could support us by buying the book that you love the most in ebook paperback or hardcover! All profits are diveded between the writers of the books, so let´s say that you buy a book from me the supreme boogeyman or the new book created by me Mystiek and Blue Sky that means the profits are or for me or for me Mystiek and Blue Sky combined!

That´s the plan to keep the boogeyman beater club alive!

And off course everything is as cheap as possible so a ebook for 2 euros a paperback for 4 euros and a hardcover for 10/15 euros! Make your choice and support your local boogeyman!

And even though our children books are different for they are free to download at https://theboogeymansclub.com but I provide them on amazon too so that people can support us boogeyman/woman....
The boogeyman beater club is all about conquering the boogeyman and everyone does it their own way! As of now we provide books in English and Nederlands op https://deboemannenclub.nl but hopefully we expand into other countries too! These books are all for all ages of everyone on this planet these books are not meant to make money on!
What these books are meant to is put a smile on your childrens face and off course you as a parent!

Your´s sincerly the supreme boogeyman founder of the boogeyman beater club!

Here follows more information about me as a writer:

I'm a one-of-a-kind sober writer so that's a new one to a lot of you haha. And I don't have an idol for a writer at all. I love the Stephen King and Clive Barker books. And all writers are amazing. And all writers put a lot of work into a book. Not only writing but also editing and the translation and the other stuff they deal with is it stress or a few traumas. So I think all authors are my idols really. But to be honest I'm a writer who can't really read. I can read ten pages before I have to put away a book. So why I started writing is a big mystery to me really. I was sitting in my jail cell and decided to start writing. Haha like it doesn't mean a thing. So I've asked my warden for pen and paper and that's how writing books started for me. I initially wanted to write a film script, but a book made me look smarter I thought. And now it's my hobby and hopefully someday my job...
And well after saying this to you rest me only two unsaid things

The first is to thank you for stopping by:
So thank you all for stopping by without your help I'm nowhere, so thank you a lot for your support... Every last one of you guys are appreciated for just how you are..


Enjoy your stay here in hell or in the boogeyman's club!

And well have a nice day/evening or night while browsing on my little site.