The horror cildren read aloud book

Published on 25 March 2021 at 09:26

4. The horror children's read aloud book!

This one came as a surprise to me too. I just thought at some point lets write a kids book! And well I don't regret doing so... There's even more coming your way believe it or not. I really enjoyed writing a kids book! And all my kids PDF ebook file books will be free to download at my site! I just don't wat to make money over the backs of your children/child! I might be the supreme boogeyman but even the supreme boogeyman loves children!

This free book is ment to let your child overcome his/her fear for the boogeyman. This tiny little book has got 10 short stories of 5 or 6 pages each which of two of them are scary, and every story got a moral. The moral of the story if you would.. Where I the supreme boogeyman explain why we boogeyman in the boogeyman's club give children nightmares.. Where all people have or had a boogeyman it's gettin very scary for some kids. And some of them really give us boogeyman the power to continue in a broken child's head. I teach you how to face us with the experiences of for example Jean who had a boogeyman haunting him every night.. But he overcame his fear of the boogeyman by doing something drastic, he never done before...I teach you how to:

1. Face us boogeymen.

2. Live with your fear for us, cause we might not be that scary...

And 3. How to fight us, and may I say we want you to fight us. Everything is explained in this short book.

I've been able to help my first child with this book. He isn't scared of the unexplaineble dark or the boogeyman anymore. And he learns to live with his nightmares because of my book. As a writer that's something we al live for. And although he didn't think the stories were scary enough he gets the point of not being afraid of the boogeyman.. Cause if you don't feed the boogeyman the boogeyman get hungry and makes mistakes and when a boogeyyman makes mistakes you cann face hin anytime you want! The PDF ebook file is for free on the dedicated pages I surely hope to help more chldren like him!

And there are more children's books coming your way! I keep them all for the cheapest price possible for free on my site and for a couple of bucks as a paperback!

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