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Free English book: The horror childrens read aloud book!

The Childrens Horror Read Aloud Book Ebook 1
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This free book is meant to let your child overcome his/her fear for the boogeyman. This tiny little book has got 10 short stories of 5 or 6 pages each which of two of them are scary, and every story got a moral. The moral of the story if you would.. Where I the supreme boogeyman explain why we boogeyman in the boogeyman's club give children nightmares.. Where all people have or had a boogeyman it's gettin very scary for some kids. And some of them really give us boogeyman the power to continue in a broken child's head. I teach you how to face us with the experiences of for example Jean who had a boogeyman haunting him every night.. But he overcame his fear of the boogeyman by doing something drastic, he never done before...I teach you how to:

1. Face us boogeymen.

2. Live with your fear for us, cause we might not be that scary...

And 3. How to fight us, and may I say we want you to fight us.           

Everything is explained in this short book.

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