In Love II: The return to Bagör!

Published on 19 September 2021 at 21:43

This one pretty much came as a surprise after I wanted nothing more than to quit writing entirely!

For like most of you know I'm a road builder 40 hours a week, and my dags are pretty damn long (03:30 till 19:00 of which I pass out from working and biking 30km at least)

So to combine writing into this job is a very hard thing to accomplish, but sometimes you just have great heck who am I kidding I've grew to hate writing! Not because of the money I don't make but just because of all the hassle that comes with the job. You've got the timely writing process the editing process and off course the marketing of which I hate the most of all what writing is!

For I'm not a very good author, I'm not even close to the best!

Although I aas two times bestselling author in the free period of stormie and In Love: The legend of Bagör in india!

But heck this is In Love II: The return to Bagör!

And In Love II is different for it's got a romantic and well more Love described in the book! But still I do keep the hate alive!

Well In Love II was a very hard book to write and you'll see why that is when you open the book for the very first time! 

The description:

In Love II: The Return to Bagor is a sequel like no other. In this sequel, I try to keep the first part as intact as possible. But I threw in some extra elements and an even bigger climax than before! Curious? Great! Get ready for an action-packed ride of horror in a town called Bagor! We have been here once and we survived that war but will we survive the second one, or does it turn out that the supreme strigoi is even stronger this time? You will find out in In Love II: The Return to Bagor! Enjoy!!

Well one last thing to say is this enjoy reading it!




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