My publisher and new friends of Aelin Publishers

Published on 25 May 2021 at 00:03

Bullshitting with a publisher, anyone ever heard of that?

Even 01:00 they are contactable! Unbelievable right? 

Aelin publishers

Instagram/twitter handle: @aelinpublishers

This new and upcoming publisher is the most humane and humble publisher out there, they don't care if you bullshit with them for a little or if you got any of your books to publish! They accept everyone, and every book! They do the marketing, editing, they provide help and you might gain a friend in the process. You don't have to wait months for a reply they answer immediately, even if it's 01:00 in India at that moment!

Yea I can hear you think India right the biggest book criminals come from India!! No way I'm ever giving them a chance to publish any book of mine!!

It's just that kind of judgement what I can't stand in people, I've been scammed multiple times by marketing sites located in India but these guys are the real deal (although it would be very hard to believe if you got in contact with them) and just because they are from India doesn't make them any less reliable than a Random House. 

But like I already said their upcoming, and I've put pictures of our chat in this blog. 

They promise to make your book a bestseller, and well maybe they got a loop hole in space and time but if any book of mine will be a bestseller it's solemnly because of the effort that they put in the marketing editing and proofreading and other stuff like designing your cover..

Well I think you want to know the price by now, just hit them up on twitter or instagram by this handle for Instagram:

Or this one for twitter:

You won't be disappointed by the team the contact or the results thst you get with them. My book In Love: The legend of Bagör is soon to be published by them and I will keep you posted about how my book scores in the charts! 

You can send them a message in the meantime when you have a WIP or a finished unpublished or self published book, what do you have to lose? A writers life ain't all that easy!!

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