Not sure yet could use your help on this one!

Published on 25 March 2021 at 09:34

5. I don't know yet or Hourglass or Kissed by the angel of death you choose!

The book after Stormie is going to be a Horror/Humoristic book called Hourglass or Kissed by the angel of death... It's still figuring out the right title for the book at this point. I like how Hourglass sounds, but come on Kissed by the angel of death sounds pretty damn awesome too!! So then I've written two psychological Horror books a Horror/Fantasy book a children's book a pretty damn Gore/Horror book and a horror/humouristic thing... And i think you will laugh your ass off but everyone's humor is different then mine, so to bring it in a funny way I really have to bring my A game cause I'm not that funny at all.... This shit is going to be rough! But I'll have to try it, I need to try it, and you will laugh dammit!

I can't really share anything just yet because there isn't a single word written yet! I only know that it's going to be funny in a scary bloody way! A bunch of one liners and stuff like that, stuff that will make you laugh over death! I'm thinking of making death the Grim Reaper what does some crazy stuff. Like killing people in a weird and perhaps sexual way... I thought I'd make him put some guy's dick in a blender or something like that. I dig it already haha..

Keep in mind the the cover on top is not the defintive cover! 


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