Published on 25 March 2021 at 09:18

3. Stormie!

The book after In Love will be Stormie. Stormie I've started it but it could be a very hard book to write for me. Stormie is about a cat who can see into the world of the living and the deceased. Again a legend I think, for I love to make legends of my books. I'm going to try and write this book in the I matter instead of the he she matter, for stormie is my own cat. Can you follow me a bit? I've lost it myself.. It's starting to be a Suicide Tendency ;).. No it isn't a third Tendencies book, that series may never be finished.... This book is hard as fucking a corpse, cold as walking on the moon and bloody as a second menstruation in a warm month.. Be careful while reading this cause shit is going to get real in this one, if I managed to get you curious and you want to read it free one chapter each week subscribe here

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"Stormie!" is a book about a cat but not just any cat my cat! I've rated it 18+ but if even if your 60 you are still too fucking young for this book! It's a coldblooded book about a cat who can see and communicate between the veil of the living and the dead! It will make you cry! It will make you pout and it will make you scared! Had you ever had the feeling while watching a horror movie that you weren't alone anymore? This book got that effect! Be careful with this book I think it's cursed! Cause this book is different than all the others!

This book is the hardest that I've wrote so far. And well it's not going to contain many pages. I'm out of ideas to be honest. There is happening so much, in such a fast paste that I really scare myself sometimes when reading a few pages back. So far it got 100 pages true and real horror in a fast packing "hell"of a ride! I only hope you guys wll understand the ending! For the ending is written but I'm not completly sure That I will do this. And if you guys don't like this ending I will bring out a alternate ending for this book. Did I got you curious? Subscribe to my newsletter and get a free chapter in your mailbox every week!

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