In Love: The legend of Bagör

Published on 25 March 2021 at 09:09

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2. In Love (the legend of bagor).

The book I just finished writing is something different. It's something what I hope is never done before. For it contains werewolfs vampires witches reapers a doll shapeshifters and a war. It's my best book and it still is simple. I'm a simple writer, without any hard words or something most people do not understand and have to put away. This book has the potential to be big. Well all books can be big but not all writers including me have a large fanbase. 

This being said I loved writing this book, for it's something completly different! Something that you haven't got acrossed yet. That's something that I'm pretty certain off! There are rules in this book and well a lot of blood and pus! 

There's love and hate in this book there betrayal and  more. There is so much going on in 240 Dutch pages and 223 English pages. While the Dutch version still lays in the hands of the publisher the English version is self published trough amazon. I really love the ride what writing gives me. Altough like i said I don't have a huge following yet. But someday I really hope that writing becomes my job. It's just a hobby at the moment. I'm a writer who loves to give stuff away, so I'll keep you posted on my site and twitter and that instacrap (what I honestly don't understand). 

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