Tendencies trilogy

Published on 25 March 2021 at 08:59

Variant cover!

Part two!

1. Tendencies Series.

My Tendencies series does not contain any rules, and is for some people very hard to read, please keep in mind it's all fiction but based on the truth. for I've been trough a lot described in the series. This series is not completed yet. And where my first gut feeling told me to write In Love first and after that the last book of the Tendencies trilogy, well my gut was wrong. Well enough about the Tendencies trilogy for now. I will complete the trilogy in the future but for now it's put in hold. There really isn't a lot of rules in this trilogy and well as a starting writer that's all fine but when you become more experience in writing the feeling of a book without rules really fades out! Although all my books are written in a hard and cold way (exept the free children's book/s) this particular trilogy is a bit too hard for some people to handle. 

It is based on fiction but the kicker is that I've been trough a lot of whats written in these books. And alot of people don't know how to deal with that and that's understandable offcourse cause a lot of people been trough the same shit as me! 

I will finish the trilogy with Suicidal Tendencies but I've got a lot more coming first. Like for example Stormie what's almost finished and Hourglass or Kissed by the angel of Death.. And in the process some more children's books!

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