Info about B.J Starink autor of serial killer nightmares

Published on 7 January 2023 at 16:07

For all people who are dying to kow the real story about me as a author and for everyone who doubts me being sincere in my books about blood gore crime severed limbs and more!!

I adress you all to contact me in any way possible to get a autobiography of my life for free for I just cannot publish this book is too honest and it´s too hard to swallow for most people! I cannot do this to people for it´s a severe PTSS attack awaker and well I don´t want the entire world to know this story but for my loyal readers I´ll make an exception!

It´s you guys who make my writers life count and I don´t got a lot of you by my side but the people who do read my book every single time I want to thank you all and hope you enjoy the book that describes a man who fucked his entire life up by doing drugs by drinking fighting and who lost everything he ever got by wrong disicions and mistakes!

Who has got a life like few and who learned that people are just as fucked as he is!!

You´ll get to know me in a way you never thought you would get to know me and well please keep in mind that I do not lie in this book and everything is based on truth and nothing but the truth!

This is my first Non-fiction severe and I mean severe 18+ honest book! I wish every single one of you good luck and my sincere apologies while reading!!

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