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To all the 13 people who've got the book for free: Thank you for your support!

My first ever published book, and can I say a big rejected book of publishers. 

So my thanks goes out to the guys at Aelin too thanks guys!

In Love is a book written In Love But Performed In Hate. Since there is a thin line between Love and Hate , I have both expressed them in this book. A book that contains vampires, werewolves, a doll, reapers and more. One that will lure you from one surprise into the other. And will leave you with a good feeling.. A grown up gory fairy tale. Sarte is a Gypsy of the Sariëlla camp he's never good enough for his family and decides to get away from them and to make his family proud. But he finds himself in a wicked game of survival. Be careful this book is for the mature reader for it contains gore blood and pus..

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