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Free children's book!

What makes this book different then all the other children's books, well to start with I do not write children's books to get rich, I write them to help your children!

I write them to let your children overcome their fear, for well anything really but in my first book it's all about the Boogeyman! And we all know how scary he can be, so with my lessons a 2800-year-old Supreme Boogeyman, I'll teach how your child can face us Boogeyman themselves...

It's the first time that they have to fight and everyone has to fight the Boogeyman some day, so why not start at a early age?

A lot of people got their judgement ready for all of us also for me the Supreme Boogeyman but it isn't, how well you respond but more how well you can take a hit and counter in the process! As long as you don't let those people walse all over you, you'll be fine!

You know what I did when I was younger I got an itch a lot, and well I'd scratched that ich with my longest finger, and only with my longest finger, you might get in trouble doing so but tell them it was a tip from the supreme Boogeyman, and they'll leave you alone!

I can only hope you all enjoy this book and there's more coming, all for free and all free to download on my site, and soon on this site and my new project:


The ultimate Boogeyman's beater guide worth millions and millions of moneys but free to download here!

The Childrens Horror Read Aloud Book Ebook 1
PDF – 1,1 MB 178 downloads
Rating: 5 stars
6 votes

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En natuurlijk is ook de Nederlandse versie terug om gratis te downloaden!

De ultieme boemannen verslaander gids met een waarde van miljoenen en miljoenen geldjes maar hier gratis te downloaden!

Het Horror Kindervoorleesboek 1
PDF – 1,4 MB 125 downloads

Rating: 4.8 stars
5 votes

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