All my free books are taking offline for I'm a Aelin publishers exclusive author. Thank you for downloading them!

Free children books!

My page for my children books both in English as in Dutch. There's only one book online at the moment, but there's more coming your way. I love writing children books it seems. so I'll be in touch for the next free book.
I'm a 18+ horror author but who doesn't love the smile on a child? It can really make your day.

Although it breaks your heart seeing them sad!

So I might be a tough guy in my horror books but I'm a great softie when it comes to children. So all the children books that I'm going to write will be free to download and cheap to buy. For I don't want a crying child on my concience!

More info at the dedicated pages. I'm still a bit of a sales man although I'm not that great in the world of sales. I hope you both enjoy this free book: you as the parent and your child as the boogeyman conquerer! We can all beat him it just depends on how you fight him!

And like I the supreme boogeyman tries to explain there are countless of ways to fight your greatest fear: The Boogeyman! And we want you all to fight us, every single last one of you! Cause we might seem like a heartless beast of hell, even we got our reasons for the nightmares and fear that we give you!

Dutch version PDF ebook bestand!

Het Horror Kindervoorleesboek
PDF – 1,4 MB 37 downloads

English version PDf ebook file!

The Childrens Horror Read Aloud Book Ebook 1
PDF – 1,1 MB 36 downloads

More info on the designated pages!