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Published English book: Stormie!


India get ready for the ride of a lifetime, written by me. A very very gory and raw book with cover never done before called: Stormie!

To all the 14 people who downloaded Stormie! For free I give you a huge thanks. But you know how it is money turns out to be important in life.. Who would have known that?



"Stormie!" is a book about a cat but not just any cat my cat I rated it 18+ but even if you are 60 you are still too young for this book It is a cold blooded book about a cat that can see and communicate between the veil of the living and the dead! It will make you cry! It will make you pout and it will scare you!


Had you ever felt like watching a horror movie that you weren't alone anymore?


This book has that effect!


This book is a lot but most of all bloody and mean! This is not a book for the faint of heart. Have you ever really faced hell? If you've really lived in hell, this book is for you! a cold-blooded book full of blood, fear and impotence. This book is not a gooey love story about a cat! This is one like very few! One like you have never read before! Keep in mind that you are going to be scared, and that you may close this book and never pick it up again, which may be the better thing to do! Stormie is an 18+ book about a cat who can see and communicate between the veil of life and death. Beware this book contains a lot of blood and difficult situations! I put him on 18+ but I think that is still too young What if hell really exists? And what if at any moment you could be put into suffering again and again in a hopeless dark place where death lurks everywhere? Can you pack yourself up or do the same thing as Roy? Who no longer knows it all and tries everything to get out of it to be withdrawn again and start suffering again. Luckily he has Stormie by his side but how long does it take for her to turn her back on him like everyone else does? In the process of writing Stormie hasn't been hurt, although it remains a quirky beast

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