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A book full of impotence and condemnation, in a difficult but understandable jacket. After Unknown Tendencies, I come up with a new book called Homicidal Tendencies. Also a psychological horror / thriller but this time as part 1 should have been. Maria wakes up in an insane asylum and there begins her struggle to remain human.
Whether she succeeds with a lot of trial and error and being thrown back into her past is up to her, although sometimes it doesn't seem that way and the battle will sometimes become impossible.
Especially when she ends up in her own hell. This is not a book for a cozy evening but more for a freezing cold winter evening with the warm flashing fire.
I hope you enjoy it. You will be an exception for time.
You will live forever.
Thou shalt kill for me Namtillaku, only then will I Namtillakuforgive you for your disobedience.
Always be watchful for the realm of shades. When you die the earth will lose a piece of life!
You are hereby condemned to an Eternal life.

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